How I went from burnt out Disney Leader to...

The Consultant's Consultant

The "Wake Up" Call

I’ll never the moment I decided to leave my high profile job as an internal consultant at Walt Disney World. I was leading several major initiatives for the Operations senior executive team that were literally transforming the already world-class guest and cast experiences, I was struggling with figuring out what it was all for.

And so I had to do what made no sense to anyone at the time – I left my job at Disney for the potential of achieving my potential and started my own business, Accelera Consulting Group. 

The first few years were surprisingly...easy!

I feel almost guilty saying when so many people leave their cushy corporate jobs and then struggle to replace their income.

Before I even launched my website, I had referrals. And then I took those referrals and turned them into 5-figure clients. 

And then I when I officially launched my business and website, I got leads…from my website! And I was able to turn them into 6-figure clients.

Within 18 months, I literally went from $0 to $300,000, working with clients all around the world.

"I am happy to recommend Betsy Jordyn as a highly qualified and effective organizational development consultant. I have personally worked closely with Betsy at the Walt Disney World Company as well as in her private practice at Accelera Consulting Group. She has a unique ability to identify the real issues and to recommend sound effective solutions for organizations both large and small. Her experience at the Walt Disney Company will give you an edge in moving your organization from good to great or great to greater."

Lee Cockerell
Executive Vice President (Retired and Inspired) Walt Disney World Resort

"Betsy has a unique ability to be objective and intuitive at the same time. She can assess a situation, quickly identify the “brutal facts,” and then leverage her perceptiveness to recommend how you can best leverage your skills and abilities to resolve the situation. Betsy does not know the meaning of “one-size-fits-all,” yet is able to translate universal concepts to very specific solutions for the challenges you might be facing. She influenced me to use my existing skills more effectively, making me a better leader, and was an unparalleled thought partner to me in sorting through organizational and strategic issues."

Barbara Higgins
VP Customer Experience, United Airlines

"Betsy brought a level of thinking to our organizational work that no consultant had before her. Thanks to her involvement we are now positioned to meet the demands of our environment and maximize our performance going forward."

Kirk Thor, Ph.D.
VP, Organization Development, JC Penney

"I have seen Betsy’s leadership in both a business setting at Disney and in the non-profit sector at Discovery Church. She has the unique ability to take multiple inputs, work with the leadership team to craft a vision, and then develop an implementation plan that brings the vision to reality. With Betsy’s help, individuals, companies, and non-profits can accelerate their performance to new levels of excellence."

Brad Rex
EVP, Chief Customer Officer, Hilton Grand Vacations

"Betsy is the first person I think of when I or the teams that I support are facing organizational and leadership challenges. She is a true business partner who delivers results."

Kim Marshall
EVP, HR, Wyndham Vacation Ownership

"It’s been a pleasure working with Betsy. She is a true professional and business partner. Betsy took the time to get to know the organization and the players so that she could make custom recommendations – there was never a cookie-cutter approach in any of her work with us. Betsy was willing to roll up her sleeves and work alongside the project team to ensure that we met our goals. I would highly recommend her work and her firm."

Thomasina Kennedy

And people started asking me how I did it. 

So, I've spent the last five years reverse engineering the KEY COMPONENTS to sustainable consulting success.

And the answer is...

I had a created a SYSTEM for landing and delivering my consulting that allowed me to consistently and confidently create results (for me and my clients)

Instead of treating marketing and sales separate from delivery, I had created a system that treated them as two sides of the same coin.

THIS was the reason for why it was natural for me to:

  • Create a lot of content that connected with my ideal clients, established my credibility and motivated WARM leads to call me
  • Seamlessly turn those initial discovery calls into contracting opportunities
  •  Land work that positioned me for the second, third and fourth sales

After I dialed into the fact that is was my system, I knew I had THE PATH to reinvent my business because it was had something special that I knew could help hundreds if not thousands of other aspiring consultants!

Welcome to the Consultant's Institute!

I shifted my business to become the Consultant's Consultant so that I can empower others to achieve the same type of success that I have. It is my mission to transform high-achieving professionals into world-class corporate consultants and SUSTAINABLY PROFITABLE business owners.

Are you ready to transform your strengths into success?

You’re here because you’re ready to invest your time and talents towards your own bottom-line, not someone else’s.

You’re ready to achieve real life-balance, and not just talk about it.

And you don’t want to waste one more minute or one more dollar on some marketing  tactic or certification that isn’t going to pay off.

Start by digging into my free resources and tools to get both the INSTANT TRACTION and SUSTAINABLE RESULTS you need.

Learn the steps to start a SUSTAINABLY PROFITABLE business. 


Master your ability to CONSISTENTLY  convert contacts...into contracts.


Cultivate your consulting credibility with highly influential (and high paying) senior executives. 


A Bit More About Me as a Person

Mother to two amazing teenage daughters (Yikes!)

Consulting for over 20 years ago (since grad school at Rollins College) 

Internal consultant for 10 years – 8 were at Walt Disney World

Started Accelera Consulting Group in 2007 – since then have grown a client list with companies of all sizes and industries

Passionate spiritual and truth seeker – always looking for ways to integrate our whole authentic selves in every aspects of our lives…including our work

Dedicated Bon Jovi's "It’s my Life" as The Consultant’s Institute theme song because let’s face it:

"We ain't going to live forever…we need to live while we’re alive!"


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