How I Went From Burnt Out Disney Leader to...

The Consultant's Consultant

(And what I learned along the way)

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If you're like me, you don't want an expensive hobby or to be a dabbler with your new venture. You want your business to position you as a sought-after expert and a thought leader in your field. 

My goal is to transform you into a world-class corporate consultant and sustainably profitable business owner because I want you to experience the joy of having your work completely aligned to your highest potential.  


The Consultant's Consultant

I’ll never forget the moment I decided to leave my high profile job as an internal consultant at Walt Disney World. I was leading a major operational initiative to literally transform the guest and cast experience BUT I was struggling to figure out what it was all for.

And so I had to do what made no sense to anyone at the time – I left my job at Disney to start my own business, Accelera Consulting Group.

The first few years were surprisingly...easy!

I feel almost guilty saying this knowing so many people leave their cushy corporate jobs and then struggle to replace their income.

Before I even launched my website, I had referrals. And then I took those referrals and turned them into 5-figure clients. And when I officially launched my business and website, I got leads…from my website! And I was able to turn them into 6-figure clients.

Within 18 months, I literally went from $0 to $300,000, working with clients all around the world.

"I am happy to recommend Betsy Jordyn as a highly qualified and effective organizational development consultant. I have personally worked closely with Betsy at the Walt Disney World Company as well as in her private practice at Accelera Consulting Group. She has a unique ability to identify the real issues and to recommend sound effective solutions for organizations both large and small. Her experience at the Walt Disney Company will give you an edge in moving your organization from good to great or great to greater."

Lee Cockerell
Executive Vice President (Retired and Inspired) Walt Disney World Resort

"Betsy has a unique ability to be objective and intuitive at the same time. She can assess a situation, quickly identify the “brutal facts,” and then leverage her perceptiveness to recommend how you can best leverage your skills and abilities to resolve the situation. Betsy does not know the meaning of “one-size-fits-all,” yet is able to translate universal concepts to very specific solutions for the challenges you might be facing. She influenced me to use my existing skills more effectively, making me a better leader, and was an unparalleled thought partner to me in sorting through organizational and strategic issues."

Barbara Higgins
VP Customer Experience, United Airlines

"Betsy brought a level of thinking to our organizational work that no consultant had before her. Thanks to her involvement we are now positioned to meet the demands of our environment and maximize our performance going forward."

Kirk Thor, Ph.D.
VP, Organization Development, JC Penney

"I have seen Betsy’s leadership in both a business setting at Disney and in the non-profit sector at Discovery Church. She has the unique ability to take multiple inputs, work with the leadership team to craft a vision, and then develop an implementation plan that brings the vision to reality. With Betsy’s help, individuals, companies, and non-profits can accelerate their performance to new levels of excellence."

Brad Rex
EVP, Chief Customer Officer, Hilton Grand Vacations

"Betsy is the first person I think of when I or the teams that I support are facing organizational and leadership challenges. She is a true business partner who delivers results."

Kim Marshall
EVP, HR, Wyndham Vacation Ownership

"It’s been a pleasure working with Betsy. She is a true professional and business partner. Betsy took the time to get to know the organization and the players so that she could make custom recommendations – there was never a cookie-cutter approach in any of her work with us. Betsy was willing to roll up her sleeves and work alongside the project team to ensure that we met our goals. I would highly recommend her work and her firm."

Thomasina Kennedy


You might be thinking: "If you're such a great consultant and can easily land six-figure consulting contracts, why do you want to help me?"

Great question and the one I get asked ALL THE TIME.

So, here's the simple answer -

Starting the Consultant's Institute was both the logical next step for me and what I was born to do all along.

You see, I have been consulting for over 20 years. It is time for me to pass on what I have learned to the next generation of amazing consultants. Equipping other consultants aligns with my passion for mentoring and supporting others while empowering me to make a greater difference in the world.

Over the years I have discovered what jazzes me the most about mentoring is the process of helping really smart people see and own their brilliance and grow their success...from the inside out.

Ever since I was a child, I was always more fascinated by what was on the inside. I loved to go beyond what was obvious on the surface and get to the heart of what's real and true

This ability is probably why I choose to get my B.A. in History (curious about the why's behind events) and my M.A. in Organization Development (the why's behind organizational challenges) and what made consulting a natural "hand-in-glove" fit for me.

Unstoppable, Authentic Consulting Confidence

Today I channel that same energy and passion into helping smart people like you to find, embrace and live their highest potential.

As a single mom of two teenage daughters (YIKES!), it's not easy but well worth it because I love what I do.

I love helping other consultants own their worth -- when they can stand in their own power and confidently ask a highly influential senior leader for fees that represent the true value they can create...without hesitation or apology. 

THIS is the transformation that awaits you in the Consultant's Institute.

Sure, I'll teach you everything you need to know about launching a business, scaling it for profits, landing clients and delivering results.

But the real value? 

Rock-solid confidence that is the foundation of a sustainably profitable business...and makes everything from networking and marketing to landing clients and delivering results - almost effortless.

Want to Work With Me?

Let's get started on giving you that authentic, unstoppable consulting confidence! Learn more about my programs and how I can help you become the confident, competent (and well-compensated) consultant you're meant to be!


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