Confidently Become a Six-Figure Corporate Consultant

The Consultant’s Institute is an action-learning membership community designed to transform high-achieving professionals into world-class corporate consultants and sustainably profitable business owners.

Through real-time training, tools and guidance for your real-world client situations, you’ll stop second-guessing yourself and start equipping yourself to...

Accelerate your consulting success.


If you’re a high-achiever SURELY you’ve considered starting your own consulting business by now (if you haven’t already)

Here's the Deal...
When you say "Yes" to your dreams of running your own consulting business, you are saying "YES" to THE most rewarding and significant career moves you'll ever make. 

There is nothing like:

  • Being your own boss
  • Have total control over your calendar and time
  • Experiencing no cap to your earning potential
  • Finally getting those things you long for off your bucket list and into your annual plan

All while making GREAT money (and a difference) doing what you love.

But the reality is - getting traction on this vision can be harder than it looks.

No, it’s not you. It's all well-meaning advice your getting to "just go out there and get business" that is making you feel:

Scared...what you won't get enough clients to make your business sustainable

Scattered... and overwhelmed by all the details involved in launching and running  your own consulting practice

Stuck...not second-guessing yourself that you don't have what it takes

But it doesn't have to be this way...

Hi, I'm Betsy Jordyn.

I founded the Consultant's Institute for one main reason: I am passionate about helping other high achievers enjoy the same type of success that I have.

You see, I have been a successful consultant for over 20 years. And when I launched my very own business after a thriving career as an internal consultant at Walt Disney World, I was able to grow my billings from $0 to $300,000 in the first 18 months!

One thing I know for sure - it wasn't because I was better at being SCARED, SCATTERED or STUCK. It was because I used my experience operating inside one of the world’s most successful companies to create systems for attracting prospects and converting them into high-paying long-term clients.

And I CANNOT WAIT to share these systems with you!

That’s right. I've spent the last five years reverse engineering the KEY COMPONENTS to sustainable consulting success in order to take the guesswork and mystery out of marketing, sales and delivery of outstanding client results... a price point that even someone who is just starting out can afford. 

And the result is...


This exclusive community is designed to give you EXACTLY what you need to replace those feelings of being SCARED, SCATTERED and STUCK with - 
...for your SUSTAINABLE Profitable Consulting Business



The step-by-step systems to help you become a Profitable Business Owner AND World-Class Consultant. You will rapidly acquire the new knowledge and skills that are essential to CONSISTENTLY filling your pipeline with right-fit clients and closing the deal on your terms.


These systems will feel like theory unless you have the support to apply them to YOUR business model and leverage them for your REAL-TIME and REAL-WORLD client situations and business growth needs. 


The key to your long-term success is building your business on the solid foundation of your strengths. When you can monetize your "best at" strengths, you'll be able to market and sell yourself without fear or apology. It's THE gamechanger!

Here's how you'll master the CONSULTING SUCCESS SYSTEMS

Get Instant access 3 CORE COURSES that comprise my proven system for a sustainably profitable consulting business. 

These are more than eCourses - they are step-by-step systems that shows you EXACTLY what you need to do to:

  • LAUNCH a Strengths-Based Consulting Business
  • IMPLEMENT marketing systems that consistently attract right-fit leads
  • CONVERT your leads into high-paying, long-term clients
  • CONSULT with leaders in companies of all sizes and industries (including the Fortune 100)

This system is designed to give you THE MOST solid foundation for your business - your strengths. You will learn how to manifest your strengths into a powerful value proposition, credible online presence and marketing systems that fill your pipeline with right-fit clients. 

Once you have leads - you gotta know what to do with them! My program will show my proprietary process for landing consulting clients that stick - without the "slick" and "ick" of traditional sales. You will win at both business and trust while you position yourself for long-term client partnerships. 

Most consultants at some point will want to break into corporate consulting because let's face it - that's where the bigger opportunities are. Through the Consultant's Toolbox you'll get the step-by-step system for delivering high-end (and high-dollar!) consulting solutions.

And Exclusive Access To...

$1,000,000 worth of business Tools of the Trade

(that are PROVEN to help you attract and work with the C-Suite!)

Here's how you'll be fully SUPPORTED:

Welcome & Strategy Call

We’ll begin your journey with a personalized strategy call with me, Betsy Jordyn so I can help you craft your custom roadmap to accelerated consulting success. I’ll take a look at what you have in place, help you identify some immediate quick wins and we’ll identify what you can do to get the most value of being a part of this community.

LIVE Weekly Webinars

Through LIVE guided instruction, best practice sharing and Q&A -
you will have the opportunity to learn and master new skills WHILE...

...Connecting more deeply with others in the community.

(Sessions will be recorded in case you can't make them.)


Week 1: Master-THE-Mind

In this session you'll be supported by serial entrepreneur and ICF-certified business coach Don Knagge. He will help you overcome any mindset traps or self-limiting beliefs that keep you from your highest potential. 

Week 2: Marketing Momentum

During this session, you will be exposed to a variety of marketing experts who can help you enhance your effectiveness on social media, leveraging networking and speaking opportunities and creating content to enhance your personal credibility.

Week 3: Contracting Practice Sessions

You’ll get the chance to be on the "hot seat” and role-play real client situations – all in the safest and most supportive of settings! You'll be able to practice what to do and say at a networking event, during a discovery meeting, while closing the deal, and more! 

Week 4: Consulting Best Practices

Give me an hour - and I'll make you a world-class consultant! In these sessions, I'll introduce you to ways to enhance your client delivery. I will show you how to navigate the tricky terrain of corporate politics and new approaches to create greater client value. 

Private Facebook Group:

"The Six-Figure Contract Club"

I refuse to believe we can’t make great money doing what we love. Through this exclusive group of like-minded rising stars, you can get frank, straightforward and honest answers to all your business development and consulting questions while offering your own experiences and insights to others. Get ready to boost both your energy and results with the help of people just like you as we all learn how to become all we can while experiencing all the amazing personal and financial freedom that consulting has to offer.

"I’ve always dreamt about being my own boss. I had been an internal consultant for 20 years but I didn’t exactly know what it meant to be on your own as a one-man shop and I didn’t know what type of consultancy I wanted to have. Betsy helped me really crystalize what type of client I am looking for and the value I offer them. Betsy helped paint the picture, shorten my learning curve and really propel me and set me up for success."

Bill Carl Johnson
President, Bill Carl Johnson Consulting Group

"I consider Betsy the ultimate professional; a true Consultant's Consultant. She is light years ahead of others in her talent and execution in helping others succeed."

Beverly Helton
President, Helton Consulting Group

"I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it is to work with Betsy. She cuts right to the chase, she helped me 'pivot' in my thinking and my messaging. My confidence in what I have to bring to prospects shot up 100%. Betsy also gives a 100% in value to her clients with delivering knowledge, resources, and feedback. If you choose to work with her, you will become a Betsy Jordyn evangelist also."

Isabella Johnston
President, Pivot Consulting

Authentic, Unstoppable Consulting Confidence

This is the ULTIMATE result that you will receive from being a Consultant's Institute Member.  

Sustainable success is neither magical nor mysterious. It's simply the natural by-product of continuously applying the system that creates consistent results.

When you get CLEAR in your heart and mind about:

The client you were meant to help

How to create a STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP with them

How to deliver results...WITH EXCELLENCE.

Then you will have the unstoppable confidence that that makes everything from networking and marketing to landing clients and delivering results - almost effortless. 

Join Me Inside the Consultant's Institute Community Today!

When you become a member you'll get:

  • Support of committed mentor who has been a successful consultant for over 20 years (nearly half as an consultant at Walt Disney World)
  • Access to PROVEN systems for each stage of consulting growth. Step-by-step to provide you will everything you to need succeed as a consulting business owner.
  • A personalized welcome and strategy call to help you create your custom roadmap to accelerated growth.
  • Access to One Million Dollars' worth of swipe files and consulting approaches you can use right now with your clients. You’ll have what you need at your finger tips, when you need it most.
  • Admission into my monthly “Master-The-Mind” Office Hours featuring resident high-performance business coach Don Knagge to help you transcend the typical fears of business ownership 
  • Admission to monthly "Marketing Momentum" Sessions to empower you to more confidently and effectively attract right-fit clients.
  • Access to my monthly “Contracting Skills Practice Sessions.”  Through supportive role-play, you will know exactly what to do and say at networking events, initial client discovery calls/meetings and closing the deal.
  • Admission to my monthly “Quick Win Webinars” where you will be introduced to an easy-to-implement consulting best practice.
  • Access to my Member’s Only “Six-Figure Contract Club” – a private Facebook group where you can ask questions, post wins and experience real-time support from both new and experienced consultants.

"Working with Betsy has had a huge impact on the way I think about my consulting practice. Her experience and approach have brought much greater focus and simplicity to the way I handle challenging and complex consulting engagements. My confidence in asking for high value contracts has increased significantly by employing what she has taught me. "

Laura Gallaher
President, Key Talent Solutions

"Last year, after a 10-year financial plateau, I doubled revenues after working with Betsy. She introduced me to resources that have proven to be invaluable. Not only was last year the most productive that I’ve experienced, I felt more relaxed and had more time to spend with family."

Christian Muntean
President, Vantage Consulting

"Working with Betsy, I developed a better appreciation for the client perspective in any consulting partnership. What decisions do they have to make? What constraints are they facing? What questions do they have that need answers? With Betsy's help, I learned to focus on helping companies solve problems - rather than on just selling my own services."

Anthea Rowe
Anthea Rowe Communications

3 Ways to Invest in the Consultant's Institute

Here's the thing. Because I am so passionate about helping you succeed with clients that REALLY NEED YOU, I want to offer all this incredible value at a flat rate so even someone brand new to business ownership can afford it.



Per Month

Consulting Success Systems

Million dollars' worth of swipe files

Exclusive access to future training

Welcome call & custom roadmap

Monthly "Master-THE-Mind" Q&A

Monthly "Marketing Momentum" Webinars

Monthly "Contracting Skills Practice Sessions"

Monthly "Consulting Best Practices" Webinars

Private Facebook Group


ANNUAL (Most Popular)


Save $167 (almost 2 months free!)

Consulting Success Systems

Million dollars' worth of swipe files

Exclusive access to future training

Welcome call & custom roadmap

Monthly "Master-THE-Mind" Q&A

Monthly "Marketing Momentum" Webinars

Monthly "Contracting Skills Practice Sessions"

Monthly "Consulting Best Practices" Webinars

Private Facebook Group




When You Sign Up for a Personal Mentor Program

Join any one of my Custom Mentor Programs and you get all the benefits of membership...for FREE!

  • Consulting Success Systems
  • Million dollars' worth of swipe files
  • Exclusive access to future training
  • Welcome call & custom roadmap
  • Monthly "Master-THE-Mind" Q&A
  • Monthly "Marketing Momentum" Webinars
  • Monthly "Contracting Skills Practice Sessions"
  • Monthly "Consulting Best Practices" Webinars
PLUS: Personalized Support and Structured Guidance


You might be thinking, "Can I afford it?"

I get it. I am very cautious about how I invest in my business.

And I am making you some big promises about how your business will be transformed through this program.

But I think the better question, "Can I NOT afford it?" when you think of all the value you are going to get for less than the cost of:

  • Your monthly email provider
  • Your cable bill
  • Dinner for two (before drinks or dessert!)

More importantly, since the goal of this membership is to provide you literally a 10X return on investment (which is conservative considering your earning potential), every moment you hesitate:

  • You're still spinning your wheels wondering how to find and land clients
  • Wasting money and time on activities that don't create the results you REALLY want
  • Spending your days on low-paying but highly labor intensive gigs
  • Keep the clients who REALLY need your help from connecting with you

You can choose to spend your money in the same way you have been and get the same results OR...

You can invest it in yourself and your future success. 

The fulfillment of your consulting visions and highest potential is waiting for you.  

Other Questions You Might Have

Q. I am just starting out and don't have a lot of contacts. How will this help me?

  • It's not about quantity of leads that matters - it's about what you do with each one that you get. My systems will show you to maximize the value of every lead, every contact, every contract. 

Q. I don't have a website yet or mine isn't great. How will it affect my results?

  • I'm not going to lie to you - having a quality website helps establish your credibility. But that said, there's a ton of ways to leverage LinkedIn to establish your credibility and find your future client (while still gently encouraging you to invest in your web presence)

Q. I am a coach. How will this help me?

  • Leadership coaches will benefit in massive ways from being a part of this community. You'll enhance your ability to speak the language of business and expand the ways you can help your clients.

Q. I already am a consultant. What difference will this make for me?

  • Wow, where should we start? How does expanding your close rate, increasing your fees and breaking into corporate consulting sound? This program will be your key business accelerator and help you quickly get to the next level – unless you’re just super happy where you are right now.

Q. I am on the road a lot of the time. What if I can't make the LIVE webinars?

  • The entire consulting success system is waiting for you right now.  It was designed exactly for high achievers like you who need real-time support for your real-world consulting situations. And for the live calls - they will be recorded.

Q. I barely have time for all that is on my plate. How will I find time for this program?

  • I get it. My corporate clients say the same thing. The most successful companies have to master their ability to have one foot in today's results and one foot in positioning themselves for tomorrow's. BUT in the long run - it will help you DRAMATICALLY enhance your capacity by helping you do more with the clients you already have...and earn more across the board. 

Q. What if I sign up and find out that this membership community isn't the right fit for me?

  • No worries - you can cancel your monthly membership at any time. 

"I learned two lessons from Betsy that have permanently changed the way I view my business. First, although new to the consulting industry, I bring a wealth of experience and education that is worth significant value to future clients and not be intimidating by asking for what I'm worth. Second, it's about more than lead generation and closing the sale. The process for building a relationship with my future clients will determine my level of success....I'm not an expense; I'm an investment!"

Frederick Griffin
President, Griffin & Associates

"The best part of this program was the continual reinforcement and message that I have something valuable to offer and to not short change that."

Deborah Ward
Ward Consulting Group

"Betsy is one of the smartest consultants I have ever met. With her foundational roots grown at Disney, one of our world's most excellent companies, she has cultivated a deep expertise in best practices for companies and how all the systems must work together. She is resolute, yet kind, and pushes you to own your impediments while supporting you to realize your potential. I cannot recommend Betsy enough."

Christina Dyer
President, Dyer & Associates

So, are you ready to become a world-class consultant and profitable business owner?

Let's get your visions for your consulting success out of the clouds and onto the road to results!



Per Month

Consulting Success Systems

Million dollars' worth of swipe files

Exclusive access to future training

Welcome call & custom roadmap

Monthly "Master-THE-Mind" Q&A

Monthly "Marketing Momentum" Webinars

Monthly "Contracting Skills Practice Sessions"

Monthly "Consulting Best Practices" Webinars

Private Facebook Group


ANNUAL (Most Popular)


Save $167 (almost 2 months free!)

Consulting Success Systems

Million dollars' worth of swipe files

Exclusive access to future training

Welcome call & custom roadmap

Monthly "Master-THE-Mind" Q&A

Monthly "Marketing Momentum" Webinars

Monthly "Contracting Skills Practice Sessions"

Monthly "Consulting Best Practices" Webinars

Private Facebook Group




One-time payment + Brand Breakthrough Experience

You get all the benefits of Membership:

  • Consulting Success Systems
  • Million dollars' worth of swipe files
  • Exclusive access to future training
  • Welcome call & custom roadmap
  • Monthly "Master-THE-Mind" Q&A
  • Monthly "Marketing Momentum" Webinars
  • Monthly "Contracting Skills Practice Sessions"
  • Monthly "Consulting Best Practices" Webinars
  • Private Facebook Group
PLUS: a Full Day Brand Breakthrough Immersion Experience ($2497 value!)


If you have any questions or concerns about the Consultant's Institute Community and if it's the right fit for you - schedule a free coaching call with me. Click on the link below and let's get time together to talk. 


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